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Fanavid was founded in 1963 with the opportunity of developing solutions in safety glass for automotive industry. Since then, it has been following the evolution of this market, being remarkable today, mainly, because of its agility in developing new products and flexibility of its production, enabling it to fully meet the needs generated by the great segmentation of the market.

Santa Marina Vitrage, Leader Company in supplying glass to civil construction, has its operations incorporated to Grupo Mansur Farhat and consolidated Fanavid in the civil construction market.

At present, Fanavid supplies the civil construction and architecture with glass, such as hardened, laminated, and armored, double, acoustic, silk-screened, sun control, transparence control, printed, and Low-e ones, and the hardened, laminated, armored and double kinds have also a curved shape.

Fanavid meets automakers from all automotive segments – car, bus, truck, civil construction machine, agricultural machine, tractor, boat, yacht, train and subway train - and for the spare market in Brazil and overseas. By using its experience in the automotive market, Fanavid started to supply armored glass also to all automotive segments, including the supply for armored cars.

Fanavid is a 100% national company, committed to the quality, constant improvement, flexibility on manufacturing processes and the incessant search for solutions in safety glass for civil construction and automobile industry.


Fanavid is versatile in its manufacturing structure, because it has 18 ovens which enable the development of items in a more quickly manner and its manufacturing in small series, by adapting its ovens to the products and not to its ovens. Fanavid may meet, in a customized way, the specific demands of every segment, either automotive or architectural.

Our differential

The elevated level of competition in the world industry has been forcing the big safety glass manufacturers to qualify themselves as manufacturers of big series. As a result, in addition to the elevated cost of tool development, compatible with its high production ovens, low versatility or flexibility in demanding the medium and small series are observed.

Fanavid has always focused on the industrial performance on versatility, flexibility and quickness in the development of new products, overcoming its clients' expectations, who need small and medium series of manufacturing.